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Connecticut Legislators Challenge Censorship of Campaign Ads

Joe Markley and Rob Sampson sue the State Elections Enforcement Commission after being fined for discussing the governor’s policies in mailers Alexandria, VA – For voters, what information about legislative candidates could be more important than knowing their views on the governor’s key policies? Yet the state of Connecticut has fined two General Assembly members simply […]

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Federal Judge Strikes Down FEC Regulation

Case against former Utah Attorney General dismissed Alexandria, VA – A federal judge today struck down a Federal Election Commission (FEC) regulation expanding liability for contributions made through straw donors. U.S. District Court Judge Dee Benson ruled that the FEC “exceed[ed] its authority to write regulations and improperly intrud[ed] into the realm of law making […]

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Institute for Free Speech Statement on Ruling in Holmes v. FEC

Court Upholds Illogical Limit on Campaign Contributions Alexandria, VA –  The Institute for Free Speech released the following statement today regarding the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals ruling in Holmes v. Federal Election Commission: “We are disappointed by today’s decision. The FEC has never shown that restricting campaign contributions on the basis of the time of year […]

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Court Should Dismiss FEC’s “Unlawful” Complaint Against John Swallow

CCP brief: The regulation Swallow is alleged to have violated is unconstitutional Alexandria, VA –  Attorneys at the Center for Competitive Politics (CCP) and a former Federal Election Commission (FEC) chairman late yesterday asked a federal judge to dismiss the FEC’s case against John Swallow. The filing said Swallow broke no law and that the regulation […]

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Daily Media Links 9/8: Feds’ tactics in Johnson-Swallow case are part of what’s ‘destroying the American civil justice system,’ judge says, FEC Might Act on Russia-Linked Facebook Political Ads: Official, and more…

The Courts The Hill: Trump unveils seventh wave of nominees to fill judicial vacancies By Lydia Wheeler President Trump on Thursday announced his seventh wave of judicial nominees as he works to fill more than 100 vacancies on courts across the U.S. Among the batch of 16 nominees, Trump selected his own deputy assistant and […]

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Court Strikes Down Attempt to Allow Taxpayer-Funded Campaigns

Alexandria, VA –  A Sacramento County Superior Court judge struck down a law passed late last year to allow state and some local governments to enact taxpayer financing of political campaigns.  The Court ruled the Legislature’s attempt to bypass a vote of the people on such legislation violated the California Constitution and the 1974 Political […]

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Alt-Twitter and the Battle for Anonymous Political Speech

On April 6th, the Department of Homeland Security took the unusual – and likely illegal and unconstitutional – step of attempting to “unmask” the user of a pseudonymous Twitter account. The account, @ALT_uscis, was one of a collection that had sprung up over the past few months to protest the Trump administration’s handling of various […]

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Colorado closes free speech case, changes law, pays $220K in attorney’s fees

Alexandria, VA – Attorneys for Colorado and the Center for Competitive Politics (CCP) filed a notice in federal court today ending a free speech case that began more than four years ago. It’s the final chapter in a federal lawsuit that saw Colorado’s ballot issue disclosure law partially invalidated under the First Amendment, and forced […]

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Courthouse News Service: Taxpayer Group Fights California Political Reform (In the News)

By Nick Cahill
Gov. Jerry Brown signed Senate Bill 1107 on Sept. 9, eliminating a longstanding, voter-approved ban on public financing of local campaigns. While the bill breezed through the Legislature, its critics have not quieted down.
The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association and a former judge sued the governor on Monday, claiming that changes to the Political Reform Act require voter approval…
“We think this is a pretty clear violation of the [state] constitution,” said Anthony Caso, plaintiffs’ attorney. “Any actions taken to enforce this are going to be an illegal expenditure of taxpayer money.”
Political law attorney Chuck Bell and Allen Dickerson with the Center for Competitive Politics also represent the plaintiffs.
he taxpayer association and Quentin Kopp, a former state senator and retired San Mateo County Superior Court judge, request an injunction to stop the amendments from taking effect on Jan. 1. They want SB 1107 ruled invalid and sent to voters on a statewide ballot.

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Heritage Foundation Event Highlights Donor Privacy, CCP Cases

Attacks on donor privacy are increasingly seen as one of the foremost threats to free speech in America, if a Thursday event at the Heritage Foundation is any indication. The conservative think tank brought in four speakers to address assaults on the First Amendment ranging from infringements on religious liberty to university speech codes to […]

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The Center for Competitive Politics is now the Institute for Free Speech.