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Judge Amul Thapar Broadly Supportive of the First Amendment

Hon. Amul Thapar United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit (2017-Present); United States District Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky (2008-2017) Despite a decade on the federal bench, Judge Thapar has rarely been called to rule upon First Amendment claims, particularly in the context of traditional political speech. While First Amendment claims […]

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The FEC, LLCs, and Political Contribution Disclosure

Recently, there’s been a flap at the FEC about whether the Commission should have found certain actors were in violation of the laws governing disclosure for making contributions to “super PACs” through LLCs that, at least in some cases, were formed for the purpose of making those contributions. The idea is that, in such cases, […]

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Calling Campaign Legal Center: Incorruptible Oregon refuses to get with the program

A couple weeks ago, the Campaign Legal Center’s lobbyist, Meredith McGehee, took the pages of The Hill to excoriate Virginia for not passing more campaign finance restrictions. Because Virginia has “few restrictions on money in campaigns,” the ethics and bribery trial of former Governor Bob McDonnell, she assured her readers, was pretty much a foregone conclusion. […]

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