LLCs and Politics at the FEC

Recently, and to significant commentary, the Federal Election Commission released dueling statements explaining the Commission’s decision not to pursue complaints brought by the Campaign Legal Center and Democracy 21 against certain Limited Liability Companies (“LLCs”) that contributed to super PACs. Three commissioners, Vice-Chairman Walther, with Commissioners Ravel and Weintraub argued, following the recent line of […]

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Mayday! Mayday! Responding to Professor Lessig’s defense of Mayday PAC’s lawbreaking

Larry Lessig this week produced a second, more thorough, response to our complaint filed with the FEC against his Mayday PAC. Prof. Lessig’s latest response can, I believe, be accurately summarized into three points: one, disclaimer laws are not too complicated, they are actually straightforward, but vendors employed by Mayday PAC failed to correctly adopt […]

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Brad Smith at Cato on Campaign Finance Post Citizens United

Watch Brad Smith at a Cato Institute Event discuss campaign finance since 2010’s Citizens United decision.

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Brad Smith part of NCSL Panel Thursday, Dec. 6

CONTACT: Sarah Lee, Communications Director, 770.598.7961 ALEXANDRIA, Va. – Center for Competitive Politics founder and former Federal Election Chairman Bradley Smith will take part in a panel hosted by the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) on Campaign Finance in a Post-Citizens United World, Thursday, Dec. 6th from 3:15 – 4:45 pm in the Washington Hilton’s Gunston Room. Sponsored […]

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Changing the Debate

Three weeks ago, the debate raging in campaign finance community was whether or not rich citizens and corporations would buy elections.  Largely missing from this debate was the acknowledgement that elections are won by obtaining the greatest number of votes. By Friday’s GW Law Review Symposium titled: “Law and Democracy: A Symposium on the Law […]

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Daily Media Links 11/16: Campaign Finance Events Friday 11/16, Targeting the ‘Lobbyist’ Next Door, and more…

CCP Campaign Finance Events Friday 11/16  By Joe Trotter There are two events tomorrow in the DC area on campaign finance.  The first event is the GW law review symposium, titled: “Law and Democracy: A Symposium on the Law of Governing Our Democratic Process” (link here), features  CCP founder and Chairman Brad Smith at the […]

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Media Watch: The New York Times Selective Quoting

Make no mistake: there is renewed vigor to assault the First Amendment and attribute negative circumstances to an over-indulgence and respect for free speech. (Remember this piece from Slate just after Benghazi broke? Never let a crisis go to waste as they say…) The New York Times — and I hope I’m wrong — has […]

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“And the three of us have a right to speak together…”

The newest Learn Liberty video with CCP founder Brad Smith is up at their site today and this one tackles misconceptions about the oft-maligned Citizens United decision of 2010. Smith destroys the myth that Citizens United magically turned corporations into people. Instead noting that the decision actually seeks to prevent the banning of corporate-produced material that […]

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Media Watch: Frontline’s Artificial Monster

The latest Frontline campaign finance expose, “Big Sky, Big Money”  is little more than an exercise in gotcha journalism and is exemplary of why, according to a recent Gallup poll, 60% of Americans have “little or no trust” in the media. From the first shady visit to a reputed “meth house” where boxes of documents […]

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Learn Liberty Presents: “Money in Politics”

IHS’  Learn Liberty video series released a video featuring Brad Smith yesterday entitled “Money in Politics.” Should we worry when money and politics mix? Common wisdom suggests that large campaign contributions can corrupt politicians and disenfranchise regular voters. However, Prof. Brad Smith argues that the real result of campaign finance regulation has been to turn […]

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