Setting the Record Straight: A Response to CLC’s Attacks on Judge Kavanaugh

When Justice Kennedy announced his retirement from the Supreme Court last month, the Institute for Free Speech conducted a thorough review of the First Amendment records of each of the potential nominees for the seat on the President’s shortlist, with an emphasis on political speech.[1] Judge Brett Kavanaugh, the eventual nominee, had the longest record […]

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Distrusting “Suspicious” Online Ads Is No Excuse for Restricting Americans’ Free Speech

A new study is being hyped as evidence that the government needs to police the First Amendment on social media. This month, the Campaign Legal Center (CLC) and Issue One – two groups that advocate for greater political speech regulations – authored a press release touting a study by the research team of Professor Young […]

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The Tone-Deaf Response to the “Democracy Vouchers” Lawsuit

This week, the Pacific Legal Foundation filed a lawsuit against the city of Seattle over its new “Democracy Vouchers” program. The system is a form of taxpayer financing for political campaigns that imposes $3 million a year in new property taxes in order to give each voter four $25 “vouchers” that they can then donate […]

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CLC Says CCP’s Wrong about “Dark Money.” Here are the Facts. Readers can Decide.

In a blog post from earlier today, the Campaign Legal Center’s Brendan Fischer critiques a mid-April CCP blog post I authored highlighting “Five Lessons about Spending in the 2016 Campaign You Might Have Missed.” In his post, Fischer labels CCP’s analysis that “‘dark money’ was nearly non-existent in 2016” as “wrong,” “misleading,” and “an alternative […]

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Seven Myths about Disclosure Masquerading as “Realities”

This Issue Brief by Institute for Free Speech Senior Fellow Eric Wang[1] analyzes seven alleged “myths” about campaign finance disclosure as discussed by the pro-regulation Campaign Legal Center. The Campaign Legal Center (CLC) recently issued a briefing paper worthy of Lewis Carroll.[2] Purporting to explain “Seven Myths (and Realities) about Disclosure,”[3] the CLC paper instead […]

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Wisconsin's "John Doe" Decision: More than "Reformers" Can Handle

Two weeks ago, the Wisconsin Supreme Court sent a shock wave through campaign finance watchers with its decision in Two Unnamed Petitioners v. Peterson. The decision terminated Wisconsin’s controversial, long-running “John Doe” investigation into allegedly illegal coordination between Governor Scott Walker and a large number of conservative organizations in the state, and set forth a […]

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CCP Response to Campaign Legal Center’s Response to CCP’s Comments on New Mexico House Bill 278

The Honorable Don L. Tripp The Honorable Brian F. Egolf Re:  Campaign Legal Center’s Response to CCP’s Comments on House Bill 278 Dear Speaker Tripp, Minority Floor Leader Egolf, and members of the House: On behalf of the Center for Competitive Politics (CCP), I respectfully write in response to the February 28 letter of the […]

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Calling Campaign Legal Center: Incorruptible Oregon refuses to get with the program

A couple weeks ago, the Campaign Legal Center’s lobbyist, Meredith McGehee, took the pages of The Hill to excoriate Virginia for not passing more campaign finance restrictions. Because Virginia has “few restrictions on money in campaigns,” the ethics and bribery trial of former Governor Bob McDonnell, she assured her readers, was pretty much a foregone conclusion. […]

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Oh Bob!

I was disappointed by this post from Bob Bauer, which uses a recent Wall Street Journal op-ed I wrote, and a letter to the editor by Paul Ryan of the Campaign Legal Center in response, to disparage the general tone of the campaign finance debate, while itself adopting a “pox on both your houses” tone. […]

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Campaign Legal Center agrees with CCP: IRS regulations are not about tax policy, but regulating political speech

The Campaign Legal Center’s Paul Ryan has responded to my December 9 Wall Street Journal op-ed with a letter that, while apparently intended to rebut the op-ed, in fact affirms its core point. My Journal piece was critical of the IRS’s foray into political regulation, asking the question “Why is the IRS regulating political activity?” I […]

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The Center for Competitive Politics is now the Institute for Free Speech.