Statement of Chairman Bradley A. Smith and President David Keating on FEC Commissioner Weintraub’s “Corporate Political Spending and Foreign Influence” Forum

PDF of the statement available here Today, Commissioner Ellen Weintraub has taken the unprecedented step of using her office to organize what is in essence a private forum, to be held at the Federal Election Commission (FEC). Titled “Corporate Political Spending and Foreign Influence,” the release announcing the event states that it “brings together some […]

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Issue Analysis No. 7: Do Limits on Corporate and Union Giving to Candidates Lead to “Good” Government?

Since the Supreme Court’s 2010 decision in Citi­zens United v. FEC, which freed corporations and labor unions to finance independent expen­ditures in support of federal candidates, the is­sue of corporate and union spending in elections has become a frequent and impassioned topic of political discussion. Most states treat limits on corporate and union giving to […]

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New Study Debunks Myth of “Corporate Takeover” of American Elections

In urging support for the DISCLOSE Act back in 2010, President Obama said, “A vote to oppose these reforms is nothing less than a vote to allow corporate and special interest takeovers of our elections.” This was not the first time the President echoed left-wing groups’ hysterical claims about the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens […]

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CCP Comments on California’s Senate Bill 121

S.B. 121 imposes burdensome and impractical requirements on corporations. Under the auspices of shareholder protection, this bill will serve only to stifle speech, and will fail to meaningfully supplement existing shareholder safeguards. Moreover, the bill’s constitutionality is suspect. S.B. 121 places an exorbitant burden on corporations engaging in political activity. While the government of California […]

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DiNapoli Wastes Pension Funds in Qualcomm Suit

Thomas DiNapoli should reconsider his priorities. As New York State Comptroller, and the sole trustee of the New York State Common Retirement Fund, he controls over a hundred billion dollars set aside to pay for the retirements of New York’s government workers. Ensuring that those funds grow quickly enough to meet the state’s obligations is […]

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Amicus Brief: Danielczyk v. United States Supreme Court Amicus

Download Amicus Brief

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The Ubiquitous Corporations Targeted by The People’s Rights Amendment

The stupid idea de jour is brought to us today in the form of the People’s Rights Amendment, courtesy of Congressman Jim McGovern.  Catering to the wacky paranoia of the Occupy movement and (less likely) his Massachusetts constituents, McGovern seeks to deny constitutional rights to any corporation, for profit, nonprofit, tribal, foreign, sole proprietorship – you […]

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EPA Administrator Highlights Need for Corporate Involvement

Last week, Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe released a video of the (now former) EPA’s Region 6 (south/central states including Texas) chief Al Armendariz explaining the agency’s philosophy of enforcement.  He highlights their philosophy of making examples of alleged lawbreakers, detailed in a recent piece in The Wall Street Journal titled Crucify Them: “…like how the Romans […]

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An Analysis of Corporate Governance Reforms Proposed in Response to Citizens United to Limit Corporate Political Spending

Having failed to silence businesses through either litigation or legislation, campaign regulation reformers continue to try new and different tacks, corporate democracy being the latest in a long line of attempts to control money in politics. George Mason University Law Professor J.W. Verret released this report on behalf of the Center for Competitive Politics.

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Activist Investing In Post-Citizens United America

The Center for Competitive Politics released a report on Activist Investing intended to dispute claims made by some groups that corporations and businesses should be wary of the “economic risks” posed by engaging in political speech.

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The Center for Competitive Politics is now the Institute for Free Speech.