And More Doublespeak in Reformland: On Reversing

Our inimitable Luke Wachob notes that “reformers,” after complaining for years about the FEC’s bipartisan makeup, have now decided to complain about its “partisan” makeup. Apparently, the “reformers” have decided that complaining about bipartisanship just doesn’t resonate with voters. So, in a bit of doublespeak, why not change “bipartisan” to “partisan?” After all, a rose […]

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ICYMI: The man who helped create super PACs says they’re here to stay

Washington Post: The man who helped create super PACs says they’re here to stay July 8th, 2016 By Matea Gold Conservative activist David Keating, who launched the case that created super PACs, is not concerned a new legal effort will succeed in shutting down the big-money groups. “I think they’re here to stay, because […]

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“Corporate Political Spending and Foreign Influence” Forum Criticized

Alexandria, VA – The Center for Competitive Politics (CCP), America’s largest nonprofit defending First Amendment political speech rights, today released a statement on a forum at the Federal Election Commission (FEC) organized by Commissioner Ellen Weintraub entitled “Corporate Political Spending and Foreign Influence.” Weintraub is using government office space and FEC resources to promote the […]

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Cuomo hit on anti-speech “BDS” policy

Alexandria, VA – This morning, Center for Competitive Politics (CCP) Chairman Bradley A. Smith and President David Keating sent a letter to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo urging him to modify or rescind his Executive Order opposing the “BDS” campaign against Israel. The Order infringes on First Amendment speech rights. Here are excerpts from the letter: […]

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In the dark about “dark money”

A short while back, on Professor Rick Hasen’s invaluable listserv, there was a spirited discussion about the meaning of “dark money” as used in political debate. On the one side were those arguing that “dark money” was an almost infinitely malleable term used to obscure serious issues and deter meaningful debate, and on the other […]

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Does Larry Lessig Think He and Mayday PAC are Above the Law?

Does Larry Lessig think he and his supporters are above the law? In response to a complaint that CCP filed with the FEC, documenting 12 instances in which Lessig’s Mayday PAC violated campaign disclosure rules, Professor Lessig offers this feeble defense: Every Mayday.US ad fully identified Mayday.US as its sponsor. And unlike superPACs that accept dark […]

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Joint Statement of David Keating and Bradley A. Smith to the Senate Committee on Rules and Administration on McCutcheon v. FEC

Joint Statement of David Keating President, Center for Competitive Politics and Bradley A. Smith Chairman, Center for Competitive Politics Josiah H. Blackmore II/Shirley M. Nault Professor of Law Capital University Law School Submitted to the Committee on Rules and Administration United States Senate April 30, 2014 Mr. Chairman and members of the Committee, thank you […]

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In the News: David Keating at CUNY Forum airing October 16, 2012

CCP President David Keating recently participated in a forum at the City University of New York that sought to provide graduate students at the school insight into campaign finance issues and general information regarding money in politics during the 2012 election cycle. The forum will be broadcast on local New York stations during the month […]

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Different Standards: Obama Campaign Possibly Accepting Donations from Foreign Nationals

“I don’t think American elections should be bankrolled by America’s most powerful interests, and worse, by foreign entities,” President Barack Obama said during his 2010 State of the Union Address. The above is taken from a piece in today’s Washington Free Beacon, picking up on the explosive new report  from the Government Accountability Institute alleging that […]

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CCP President David Keating in NYC for Commit Forum, Oct 2-3

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — CCP President David Keating will be a featured speaker at tonight and tomorrow night’s Commit Forum in New York City, a two-day workshop that calls on business and organizational leaders to make a commitment to “change the world.” The event is sponsored by businesses such as DeLoitte and AT&T, and features a spotlight on […]

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