On Trolls, Tweets, and Free Speech

Lately, it seems to have become a sophomoric sport among some who regularly oppose our efforts to protect and expand free speech to try to hijack our resources for their own partisan purposes. A couple of recent examples come from the anonymous tweeter at alt_fec, and from law professor Richard Hasen. Alt_fec demands, “you guys […]

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Bernie Sanders and Rick Hasen Are Two Sides of the Same Defective Coin on Free Speech

Recently, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders sat down with professor Rick Hasen of the University of California, Irvine School of Law. In their conversation, they discussed voter ID laws, gerrymandering, and campaign finance. The result was an illuminating look at how the diverging perspectives of a populist socialist and a legal expert arrive at common policy […]

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Alt-Twitter and the Battle for Anonymous Political Speech

On April 6th, the Department of Homeland Security took the unusual – and likely illegal and unconstitutional – step of attempting to “unmask” the user of a pseudonymous Twitter account. The account, @ALT_uscis, was one of a collection that had sprung up over the past few months to protest the Trump administration’s handling of various […]

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Hasen on Gorsuch on Citizens United

Rick Hasen thinks that Judge Gorsuch “misstates” the holding of Citizens United v. FEC in his Senate testimony, when he states: I think there is ample room for this body to legislate, even in light of Citizens United, whether it has to do with contribution limits, whether it has to with expenditure limits, or whether it has […]

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On Bob Bauer and “Evidence”

Bob Bauer responded to my early summer post about professors Rick Hasen and Larry Lessig’s use of the infamous ‘Gilens and Page’ study. In familiar ‘pox-on-both-houses’ style, he avers it is a matter that “a particular evidentiary claim is overstated.” Through understatement Bauer doubly flaws his analysis: “Noting that Rick Hasen and Larry Lessig had […]

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Are Plutocrats Really Uniting?

The anti-First Amendment Campaign Legal Center recently hosted noted election-law professor Rick Hasen to discuss his book ‘Plutocrats United.’ Hasen presented the book’s “reform” themes of undue donor influence, corruption, and political inequality. And although he discredited standard talking points about “buying” elections, his evidence for the rich – the plutocrats – disproportionately influencing political […]

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“Reformers” Can’t Decide Which Election Money Is Buying

The rise of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders and the flops of the Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, and Rick Perry campaigns illustrate, yet again, how weak the influence of money can be on election results. This is a problem for those who argue that plutocracy has overtaken democracy or that money in politics is the […]

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Wisconsin's "John Doe" Decision: More than "Reformers" Can Handle

Two weeks ago, the Wisconsin Supreme Court sent a shock wave through campaign finance watchers with its decision in Two Unnamed Petitioners v. Peterson. The decision terminated Wisconsin’s controversial, long-running “John Doe” investigation into allegedly illegal coordination between Governor Scott Walker and a large number of conservative organizations in the state, and set forth a […]

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In the dark about “dark money”

A short while back, on Professor Rick Hasen’s invaluable listserv, there was a spirited discussion about the meaning of “dark money” as used in political debate. On the one side were those arguing that “dark money” was an almost infinitely malleable term used to obscure serious issues and deter meaningful debate, and on the other […]

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Compulsory disclosure and “SWATting” – after-the-fact sympathy has little value

On the left, a fun new tactic has arisen for trying to silence conservative speakers: “SWATting.” The idea is to call the police, give the home address of a conservative columnist/activist, etc., and report that there has been a shooting at the home and the gunman – who may allegedly be the conservative target himself […]

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The Center for Competitive Politics is now the Institute for Free Speech.