“Enough is enough”

UPDATED (11:40 AM)  

So declared Chief Justice John Roberts in yesterday’s decision in FEC v. Wisconsin Right to Life.  CCP Chairman Brad Smith has posted his thoughts on the case over at RedState.   Says Smith:

Monday’s Supreme Court decision in Federal Election Commission v Wisconsin Right to Life is cause for a little celebration. It’s not a great day for Free Speech, but it’s a pretty darn good one.

This decision does not mean the death of "campaign finance reform." It does not mean the death of McCain-Feingold. It does not even mean the death of McCain-Feingold’s hated ban on most independent broadcast ads that merely mention a candidate by name with 30 days of a primary of 60 days of a general election. But it does open a significant exemption to that ban. The reformers are freaking out, frankly.

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Prof. Smith was also quoted in Roll Call ($) and the New York Sun discussing the implications of the Court’s decision for the FEC and for groups that wish to run ads in the future.


An impressive number of newspapers ran editorials praising the decision.  The most notable are listed below:

Rocky Mountain News

Los Angeles Times

Chicago Tribune

Orange County Register

New York Post

The Center for Competitive Politics is now the Institute for Free Speech.