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Free Speech Index – Grading the 50 States on Political Giving Freedom

March 2, 2018  •  By Scott Blackburn   •  , ,

Foreword by Chairman Bradley A. Smith and President David Keating On behalf of the Institute for Free Speech, we are pleased to present Part ...

Issue Analysis No. 10: Do Taxpayer-Funded Campaigns Increase Political Competitiveness?

June 7, 2017  •  By Joe Albanese   •  ,

The Institute's tenth issue analysis examines the claim by proponents of taxpayer-funded political campaigns that such systems improve the political process by exposing incumbent ...

Self-Styled Campaign Finance “Reformers” Jump the Shark

December 6, 2016  •  By Luke Wachob   •  , ,

This Issue Brief tells the alarming story of radical activists and government leaders pushing for new restrictions on political speech in the wake of ...

Eternal Inconsistency: The Stunning Variability in, and Expedient Motives Behind the Tax Regulation of Nonprofit Advocacy Groups

June 10, 2015  •  By Matt Nese   •  ,

For many, a meeting of the American Bar Association’s Tax Section’s Exempt Organizations would not be expected to elicit much excitement. A typical audience for ...


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Regulating the Internet: A Dangerous Trend for Free Speech

August 9, 2018  •  By Luke Wachob   •  ,

The First Amendment is facing a new threat in state legislatures. A spate of bills that would regulate political and issue advertising on the ...

Be on the Lookout: Four Red Flags in Bills that Will Chill Online Speech

August 9, 2018  •  By Eric Peterson   •  , ,

The Internet and social media outreach are more important than ever to campaigns. As a result, legislators face a temptation to regulate this growing ...

Four Constitutional Red Flags in State Disclosure Laws

August 7, 2018  •  By Luke Wachob   •  ,

The First Amendment protects the right of Americans to associate privately with others. Nonprofits across America have long relied on this right to organize ...

NAACP v. Alabama: When “Transparency” Becomes Censorship

June 28, 2018  •  By Luke Wachob   •  , , , ,

The freedom to associate with others and speak as a group is foundational to democracy. Individuals rarely can change their society, government, or laws ...

Academic Research

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Risky Business? Corporate Political Spending, Shareholder Approval, and Stock Volatility

September 1, 2017  •  By Matt Nese   •  , ,

In this updated study by Associate Professor of Political Science and Business Administration at the University of Rochester, David Primo, and Saumya Prabhat, former ...

Free Speech Under Fire: The Future of the First Amendment

December 2, 2016  •  By Joe Albanese   •  , , ,

In a set of remarks preceded by Brooklyn Law School President and Joseph Crea Dean Nicholas W. Allard, famed First Amendment lawyer Floyd Abrams muses ...

Freedom of Speech and Equality: Do We Have to Choose?

December 2, 2016  •  By Joe Albanese   •  ,

In this essay, Nadine Strossen, the John Marshall Harlan II Professor of Law at New York Law School and former president of the ACLU, ...

A Landmark Decision Turns Forty: A Conversation on Buckley v. Valeo

December 2, 2016  •  By Joe Albanese   •  , ,

In this series of essays by Brooklyn Law School President and Joseph Crea Dean Nicholas W. Allard, U.S. Court of Appeals Senior Judge and ...