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PACs Represent People, Too

February 14, 2019  •  By Brad Smith   •  ,

Each part of Ocasio-Cortez’s scenario misstates either the law or the facts of campaign finance. Let’s unpack it, point by point.

Your tax dollars for their elections? No thanks

February 8, 2019  •  By Eric Peterson   •  ,

Taxpayer funding of campaigns as designed by H.R. 1 is likely to help incumbents and established candidates who already have large fundraising networks in ...

Stop saying HR1 is ‘For the People’ when it’s only ‘For the Politicians’

February 6, 2019  •  By Alex Baiocco   •  ,

What if members of Congress told you the only way to preserve democracy in America was to give them more power over how Americans ...

Don’t believe the gripes: Politicians just love to complain about their opponent’s money

February 5, 2019  •  By Eric Peterson   •  ,

As the jockeying for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination has begun, too many pundits are buying into politicians’ self-serving attacks against other candidates’ supporters.

Press Releases

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D.C. Circuit Should Hear First Amendment Challenge to FOSTA

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February 21, 2019  •  By IFS Staff   •  ,

A friend-of-the-court brief filed last night by the Institute for Free Speech (IFS) argued that a federal judge erred in slamming the door to ...

President David Keating Testifies Before House Administration Committee on H.R. 1

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Alexandria, VA – Institute for Free Speech President David Keating will testify before the Committee on House Administration at a hearing today on H.R. 1, ...

Chairman Bradley Smith Testifies Before House Oversight Committee on H.R. 1

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Alexandria, VA – Institute for Free Speech Chairman Bradley A. Smith will testify before the House Committee on Oversight and Reform at a 10:00 ...

Analysis: H.R. 1 Restricts Speech about Public Affairs Under the Guise of Stopping ‘Coordination’

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February 5, 2019  •  By IFS Staff   •  , ,

Alexandria, VA – The Institute for Free Speech today released part three of its analysis of H.R. 1, also known as the “For the People ...

Daily Media Links

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Daily Media Links 2/20

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February 20, 2019  •  By Alex Baiocco   •  ,

In the News Orange County Register: To reduce money in politics, slash the size of government By Steven Greenhut Like a terrifying demon that returns during ...

Daily Media Links 2/19

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February 19, 2019  •  By Alex Baiocco   •  ,

In the News The Oklahoman: Federal bill raises many free speech concerns By Editorial Board Bradley A. Smith, chairman of the Institute for Free Speech, ...

Daily Media Links 2/15

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February 15, 2019  •  By Alex Baiocco   •  ,

ICYMI Testimony of David Keating Before the U.S. House Committee on House Administration on H.R. 1 By David Keating The bill would impose onerous ...

Daily Media Links 2/14

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February 14, 2019  •  By Alex Baiocco   •  ,

In the News Texas Scorecard: Texas Scorecard Radio (February 07, 2019) By 1836 Studios Eric Wang from the Institute for Free Speech calls in to ...