Welfare for Politicians Rejected in New Jersey

CCP spent a great deal of time recently seeking to educate lawmakers and activists in New Jersey about the failures and dangers of taxpayer funded political campaigns. I went and testified to the New Jersey General Assembly’s State Government Committee two weeks ago, and last week sent a letter to members of the Budget Committee and also participated in a conference call with hundreds of grassroots activists.

Over the weekend, we heard our efforts were successful – a bill authorizing the expansion and extension of New Jersey’s pilot project has been pulled from consideration, and won’t be considered again until the fall. The powerful combination of CCP research, grassroots activists contacting their legislators, and legislators willing to listen to their constituents and paying attention to the facts laid before them, was too much for so-called "reformers" to beat.

Welfare-for-politicians has a nasty habit of rising from the grave to suck taxpayer dollars from the public treasury, and no doubt the "reformers" will be back with another plan this fall. Fortunately I’m a fan of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," and CCP will continue to produce lots of sharp, pointy sticks (Policy Briefings, Issue Analysis, public testimony, and more!) to hand to concerned citizens and legislators in New Jersey so they can finally drive a stake through the heart of this program.



The Center for Competitive Politics is now the Institute for Free Speech.