NC campaign finance law uncobbled

Last year, CCP told the story of a campaign finance law that was crippling the ability of grassroots organizations in North Carolina to raise money.

We wrote: "For years the Henderson County Republican Party raised funds by selling apple cobblers at the community Apple Festival.  But thanks to a state campaign finance law passed in 2006 that requires every penny taken in by a political party to be attached to personal information the local party has ended its fundraising tradition.

The public isn’t interested in giving you that kind of information for $3 worth of apple cobbler,’ said Henderson County Republican Party Chairman Spence Campbell.  ‘I don’t think they (lawmakers were thinking about grassroots operations who depend on that kind of fundraising to pay their bills’."

CCP is happy to now report that "North Carolina legislators modified campaign finance laws, allowing local GOP members to sell apple cobbler as a fundraiser at the Apple Festival without being required to solicit each buyer’s name.

The party planned to sell the cobbler even before the law changed, Henderson County Republican Party Chairman Robert Danos said, but he was pleased because ‘the party volunteers and the party treasurer would have been dealing with mounds of paperwork.’"

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