When to register?

A story in the Louisville Courier-Journal begins, "Recent e-mails from a Lexington public relations executive to Gov. Steve Beshear’s office have raised new questions about what constitutes lobbying…

The executive, Phil Osborne, made a detailed case on behalf of a client, the Plantmix Asphalt Industry of Kentucky, in an e-mail to Beshear’s communications director last month.

Osborne warned of dire implications if policies being written in the Transportation Cabinet resulted in the state doing more road projects with concrete, asphalt’s rival surface.

He sent an e-mail to Beshear’s scheduler the next day asking for a meeting at which the asphalt group could make its case directly to Beshear…

He said state law does not require him to register because the asphalt group hired him for public relations, not lobbying. He said he was only giving an opinion to his friend, Beshear’s communications director Jay Blanton.

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