TV pitchman hawks FENA on the Hill

Sam Waterston, better known as Jack McCoy of “Law & Order” and pitchman for TD Ameritrade, is on Capitol Hill today trying to sell lawmakers on a bailout for their political campaigns, Roll Call reports in its K Street Files column:

Law & Order Lobby. Actor Sam Waterston of “Law & Order” fame will be making the rounds on Capitol Hill today to lobby for the Fair Elections Now Act, a bill that would establish public financing of Congressional elections.

In addition to Waterston, the bill has the backing of a coalition of groups including Common Cause, Public Citizen and the Brennan Center for Justice. On Thursday, the House Administration Committee will consider the proposal, which would give candidates who voluntarily agreed to accept no more than $100 per contributor for each election a 4-to-1 match in federal funding.

See Center for Competitive Politics release on our analysis of FENA here. CCP Chairman Brad Smith will testify on FENA at an 11 a.m. House Administration Committee hearing (1310 Longworth House Office Building). For more details, including a full witness list, see the committee’s website here.

Waterston is also a spokes-celebrity for such innovations as Old Glory Robot Insurance, an experience that will probably come in handy as he sells the joke of a political bailout on Capitol Hill.

The Center for Competitive Politics is now the Institute for Free Speech.