Happy Thanksgiving…

CCP’s blog will likely be dark for the next few days as our staff enjoys the Thanksgiving holiday.

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As a reminder to our readers, we’ve added several social media features in conjunction with the relaunch of our website to make it easier to track political speech issues.

You can follow the Center for Competitive Politics on Twitter, a micro-blogging service, at @campaignfreedom. CCP Chairman Brad Smith and CCP President Sean Parnell also maintain accounts, @CommishSmith and @SeanParnellCCP.

You can also become a fan of the Center for Competitive Politics on Facebook.

Check out videos of Brad Smith and other CCPers explaining legal decisions, important legislation and other issues on CCP’s YouTube page.

Finally, we have a host of RSS feeds so you can follow specific news, research and legal updates from CCP. Our main RSS feed is CCP’s blog. We also have separate feeds for research, legal updates, newsroom (press release and “In the News” updates) and state-specific feeds. RSS feeds work by notifying you everytime a blog or a website posts a new item in a specific area. For example, instead of checking CCP’s blog five times a day, the new posts will appear like e-mail in an RSS feed reader like Google Reader.

We hope you’ll join the discussion about the First Amendment in politics as important issues like Citizens United and the mis-named Fair Elections Now Act are on the horizon.

The Center for Competitive Politics is now the Institute for Free Speech.