launches campaign against Minn. taxpayers

GREENBRAE, Calif.—Today, announced a campaign to boycott Minnesota because its taxpayers donated more than $500,000 to conservative Republican Tom Emmer, who is running for governor.

“Minnesota taxpayers should be ashamed of themselves for supporting the campaign of far-right candidate Tom Emmer,” said executive director Justin Ruben. “We will urge our members and like-minded progressives to boycott Minnesota goods and forgo any travel to the Land of 10,000 Lakes.” recently launched a similar boycott against Target Corp. because it donated $150,000 to a pro-business political group that supported Emmer. Taxpayers’ support of Emmer’s campaign is even worse, Ruben said, because it’s a direct contribution to Emmer’s campaign—not just independent spending.

The taxpayers of Minnesota have donated $511,834 to Emmer’s campaign. That’s more than any other candidate in Minnesota. Minnesotans should realize that there are consequences for financially supporting Emmer’s anti-gay agenda.

“Unchecked state spending on elections creates even more formidable obstacles to solving the biggest problems we face, including global warming and economic inequality,” Ruben said.

“To rectify this offensive donation to an out-of-touch candidate, the taxpayers of Minnesota must donate $500,000 to—or a similar progressive organization,” Ruben said. “This threat must be matched with every tool at our disposal, including people coming together to vote with our dollars rather than giving them to Minnesotans to use against us.”

[h/t Sean Parnell]

Note: Because of an idle legal threat by, we feel obliged to note that this post is a parody.

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