Bad for Business

Last week, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported:

Commissioner Emma Darnell is proposing would be among the most stringent campaign finance restrictions in the nation, banning any company that donates more than $500 to a commission candidate’s war chest from doing business with the county for a year.

The article continued:

“Many contractors don’t believe they have a chance, unless they are connected,” said Darnell, who will ask the board to adopt the new rules at Wednesday’s meeting. “That’s not true in Fulton County, but that’s the perception.”

Well, it appears that Commissioner Darnell’s proposed restrictions evoked a rather strong reaction, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

The board opposed the plan 4-2, then, on a motion from Commissioner Tom Lowe, voted 4-2 to officially deny it so it can’t be brought up again. Lowe called the idea stupid and bad for business.


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