SuperPacs, Earl Pomeroy, and the Beau Brummels

Over at the Politico, former Representative Earl Pomeroy is complaining today about how “SuperPACs” did him in in 2010.

The North Dakota Democrat blames outside third-party groups — funded largely by insurance money — for his loss in 2010.

“The super PAC represents the double-barrel assault on the public’s right to know who’s paying for massive amounts of political advertising,” said Pomeroy, now at Alston & Bird. “Big money had a lot of influence before with the advent of super PAC with Citizens United; they now have a great deal more.”

Now, Earl Pomeroy, in addition to all the advantages of incumbency, outspent his opponent by nearly $1.6 million dollars in 2010. His opponent, now Representative Richard Berg (R. N.D.), actually outraised Pomeroy by about half a million dollars in small contributions from individuals, but Pomeroy dwarfed Berg with a huge edge in funding from traditional PACs. Pomeroy even had an edge in total independent spending in the race, and in non-party independent spending.

So Pomeroy joins the list of defeated incumbents who lost despite a huge spending advantage over their opponents, in complaining that the system treated them unfairly.

Cue the BeauBrummels     .


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