One Editor’s Response to A Win for Free Speech

The Center often receives interesting responses when we send out press materials regarding our research.  Today’s release was no exception. 

We received a response to this release from the Wayne County Mail saying:

SO were these “JUSTICES” making these decisions right wingers?

What about the right of people to be safe in their homes from their right wing gun nuts making these stupid phone calls.

You are not campaigning for freedom. You are a right wing front group trying to destroy the rights of All Americans for the few idiots.

Please remove us from your mailing list. 

It’s always nice to find a serious newspaper that wants to hear all sides of an issue before writing its stories and editorials. 

This editor’s response is an excellent example of how available disclosed information is rarely utilized to draw conclusions about a group’s purpose.  Like the respondents to this survey, this concerned citizen did not feel like he/she had to fully utilize the tools he/she had available to understand our organization before passing judgment on what CCP does. Much like this angry editor, voters by and large are not going to do their homework and change their minds about an organization or topic based on the tools they have available.



The Center for Competitive Politics is now the Institute for Free Speech.