Will Stephen Colbert Tell Obama His Super PAC is Laundering Money?

The Weekly Standard asks a very interesting question in a post that appeared yesterday regarding Stephen Colbert’s assertion that Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS, a 501c(4) group, was “laundering money” by funneling what they raised to related super PAC American Crossroads. Unfortunately, as the piece makes clear, Colbert was wrong about that relationship and had to issue an on-air clarification.

It should be interesting to see if Colbert uses the graph provided in the Standard piece to take aim at our current President:

But Colbert’s criticism of the loophole remains intact, which is why this graph at the New York Times showing who funds the major 2012 super PACs is so interesting. Priorities USA Action, the Obama-affiliated super PAC (which must disclose its donors) received over $215,000 in the last quarter from Priorities USA, the Obama-affiliated 501c(4) (which does not have to disclose its donors).

One high note is that, should this issue ever actually be taken seriously by Stephen Colbert and appear as a segment on his show, it will very likely be met with thundering applause.

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