Daily Media Links 7/26: Groups ask FEC to blur lines between candidates, super PACs and nonprofits, Bundlers Give to Both Parties, and more…

Independent groups

Politico: Dawn of the Mommy and Daddy PACs 
Talk about helicopter parents: Candidates’ rich mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters increasingly are pouring cash into super PACs that support their loved ones’ campaigns — a phenomenon that critics say tests the bounds of both contribution limits and rules barring coordination between candidates and super PACs. But those who’ve taken advantage of the super PAC family plan say it’s better to get cash from mommy and daddy than from Big Oil or organized labor, with some suggesting it’s simply a natural extension of self-funded campaigns.   

LA Times: Group asks NBC to keep ‘super PACs’ off the air during Olympics
By Matea Gold
A new organization that aims to fight the role of big money in politics is calling on NBC to decline advertising from “super PACs” and other advocacy groups during the Summer Olympics, arguing that they are “going against the spirit and values of the Olympic Games.”  

Bloomberg: TV Ad Makers Earn More Super-PAC Millions For Less Work 
By Greg Giroux
With three board members and a lawyer overseeing the super-PAC, “in ten minutes, we would conduct more business than you were able to in a week in a campaign setting,” he said.


Bloomberg: Clinton Donor Among Billionaire Backers Of Pro-Obama PAC 
By Julie Bykowicz
Last month was the first time a super-political action committee supporting President Barack Obama attracted the attention of multiple big-money contributors, a review of Federal Election Commission records shows. 

Candidates and parties

Politico: Lost Obama donor Penny Pritzker surfaces on Air Force One   
But her presence suggests that Obama is back in big-money courting mode after getting walloped in fundraising for two months straight by Mitt Romney.   Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0712/78924.html#ixzz21hT8UB16

Wall Street Journal: Obama Aides Play Campaign Roles 
Some of President Barack Obama’s most senior aides have begun making regular appearances at his campaign’s Chicago headquarters, tightening the link between the White House and the re-election effort as the race intensifies.  

LA Times: Obama’s attacks on Romney causing collateral damage
By Paul West
Faced with a bad economy and a tough reelection battle, Obama obviously felt he had no other choice. But his decision to go heavily negative is a repudiation of the brand of politics he espoused in 2008 that pulled in hordes of under-30 voters.  

Politico: Axelrod blames GOP ads for convincing public that Obama running more negative campaign 
By Donovan Slack
Senior Obama campaign adviser David Axelrod accused the GOP of running ads that helped convince people that President Obama is running a more negative campaign than Mitt Romney.  

Lobbying and ethics

Roll Call: K Street Files: Bundlers Give to Both Parties  
By Kate Ackley
Candidates and party committees continue to rely on an elite network of lobbyists to bundle campaign contributions, according to recently filed Federal Election Commission reports. 


Washington Times: Groups ask FEC to blur lines between candidates, super PACs and nonprofits
By Luke Rosiak
Political groups are pressing to further blur the lines between the myriad and little-regulated types of groups that run politically-tinged advertising, including campaigns, super PACs and nonprofit advocacy groups, according to a document released Tuesday by the Federal Election Commission (FEC).  

The Center for Competitive Politics is now the Institute for Free Speech.