In the News: Associated Press: Ex-GOP leader fights ND Election Day campaign ban

By Dale Wetzel:

BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) — A former North Dakota Republican Party chairman who doesn’t want to take down the political signs in his yard before Nov. 6 has filed a federal lawsuit challenging a century-old state law that bans campaigning on Election Day.

Gary Emineth argued Wednesday that the ban violates the free-speech rights of Republicans and Democrats alike.

The law, which dates to 1911, bars anyone from attempting to influence others to vote, or not vote, for any candidate or ballot measure on Election Day. The current version exempts billboards and bumper stickers, but North Dakota’s political parties believe it applies to all other forms of advertising, including radio and television spots, newspaper ads and yard signs.

The Center for Competitive Politics is now the Institute for Free Speech.