Daily Media Links 11/27: Barack Obama, Fashion Magnate, Democrats Unlikely to Regain House in 2014, and more…

Independent groups

Politico: Democratic super PACs get jump on 2014, 2016   
Winning changes everything. 
It took Democrats a while to warm up to super PACs, but their glee over 2012 is — for now — eclipsing any moral qualms about big money eroding democracy, and they’re already busy at work courting their wealthiest supporters and planning even more ambitious efforts for future elections.   

Roll Call: Bevy of Fixes Might Complicate Efforts To Reshape Campaign Finance System  
By Eliza Newlin Carney
Unrestricted spending in the 2012 elections has created tantalizing openings for advocates of overhauling the campaign finance system, but it’s also fueled a rush of competing remedies that might complicate attempts to rewrite the rules. 

Bloomberg: White House Opens Door to Chamber on Fiscal Cliff Talks 
By Julie Bykowicz
“The chamber expects to have a seat at the table, but the table is set by people it just tried to politically kill,” Dennis Kelleher, president and chief executive officer of Better Markets, a New York-based nonprofit, said in an interview. 


Bloomberg: Court Will Reconsider Political Ads on Public TV Ruling 
By Karen Gullo
A federal appeals court in California said it will review its ruling that a law banning political advertising on public television is unconstitutional.  


LA Times: States crack down on campaigning nonprofits 
By Matea Gold and Chris Megerian,
WASHINGTON — Tax-exempt advocacy groups that played an aggressive role in this year’s election are coming under increasing scrutiny from state regulators, who are cracking down on organizations seeking to engage in campaigns without revealing their financial backers.  

Tax financing

NY Daily News: From Behind Bars, Hank Morris Calls For Campaign Finance Reform 
As he argued unsuccessfully for his freedom at a recent hearing before the state parole board, Morris said political campaigns should be publicly financed. 

Candidates and parties

California Watch: 2 lawmakers accused of money laundering 
By Lance Williams   
As soon as they got the money, the county committees funneled it to Bill Berryhill’s campaign, according to the commission. Bill Berryhill then filed reports falsely saying the money came from the county committees and not his brother, the commission said. 

Wall Street Journal: Obama Considers Corporate Funding for Inauguration 
WASHINGTON—President Barack Obama’s fundraising advisers have urged the White House to accept corporate donations for his January 2013 inaugural celebration rather than rely exclusively on weary donors who underwrote his $1 billion re-election effort.

NY Times: Democrats Unlikely to Regain House in 2014 
Democrats did not have as strong a performance in races for the United States House of Representatives last week as they did in the contests for the Senate and the presidency. Instead, Republicans retained control of the chamber.  

Bloomberg: Barack Obama, Fashion Magnate 
By Joshua Green
One of the funnier story lines of the 2012 presidential campaign was Barack Obama’s decision—or rather, campaign manager Jim Messina’s decision—to inaugurate a fashion line that the campaign sold on its website. This included everything from Thakoon Panichgul silk scarves ($95) to Tory Burch handbags ($75) to Monique Pean hemp-and-cotton scarves ($95) to yoga pants.  

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