Daily Media Links 12/13: Will Albany’s New Coalition Pass Cuomo’s Campaign Finance ‘Litmus Test?, Amicus Brief Urges US Supreme Court to take Danielczyk Case, and more…


Amicus Brief Urges US Supreme Court to take Danielczyk Case 
By Sarah Lee
ALEXANDRIA, Va. – The Center for Competitive Politics (CCP) today announced it has filed an amicus brief urging the Supreme Court to grant review of the case of United States v. Danielczyk, which is related to the ban on direct corporate contributions to federal candidates.  

Independent Groups

Washington Post: Did Karl Rove earn any money from American Crossroads? 
By Glenn Kessler
Rove has denied he earned anything from his work with Crossroads, saying he was simply a volunteer. But that has not stopped the chatter. 

Missoulian: Helena judge dismisses most of American Tradition Partnership lawsuit 
By Mike Dennison
HELENA – A state judge has dismissed the heart of a lawsuit by a conservative political group fighting state efforts to regulate it, after the group refused to disclose further financial records to the court.  

Candidates, Politicians and Parties

Washington Post: Romney spent more on TV ads but got much less 
By Tom Hamburger
Senior Republican campaign operatives who gathered over beer last week in Alexandria for a post-election briefing were taken aback by what they were told. A nonpartisan research firm presented data showing that President Obama had far outperformed Mitt Romney in managing the largest single expenditure of the campaign: television advertising.  

Lobbying and Ethics

US News: Businesses Are Spending on Lobbying Instead of Jobs  
It’s well known that economic uncertainty slows growth, decreases investment, and destroys jobs. But a new study identifies an additional cost of uncertainty: businesses are diverting money away from expanding and hiring to lobbying Washington for preferential tax treatment. And with good reason. As tax increases loom over the fiscal cliff and beyond, many businesses may get more bang-for-the-buck hiring well-connected lobbyists than innovative engineers.  

Roll Call: Empty Ethics Posts Draw Critics’ Ire  
By Amanda Becker
Time is dwindling for House leaders to find and appoint candidates to fill at least four impending openings on the board of the Office of Congressional Ethics before year’s end so its investigative work can continue uninterrupted. 

Roll Call: Businesses Bet K Street Can Sway Debate  
By Kate Ackley
The lobbying surrounding the fiscal cliff has drawn corporate giants such as Caterpillar Inc. and small enterprises including sausage-maker Glier’s Meats in Covington, Ky., to K Street in an effort to influence the outcome. 

State and Local

New York –– NY Times: Attorney General Seeks to Force Disclosure of More Political Donors 
The New York attorney general announced a a far-reaching draft regulation on Wednesday that would force broad public disclosure of millions of dollars in loosely regulated spending on elections and ballot measures in New York. 

New York –– Observer: Will Albany’s New Coalition Pass Cuomo’s Campaign Finance ‘Litmus Test?” 
By Ross Barkan and Hunter Walker
Governor Andrew Cuomo has made enacting campaign finance reform part of his “litmus test” for judging the new coalition in the New York State Senate. Based on their recent statements, it seems he may only get half of the reforms he wanted from the new merger the Independent Democratic Conference and the State Senate Republicans.  

The Center for Competitive Politics is now the Institute for Free Speech.