Daily Media Links 1/25: NYC Council Amends Campaign Finance Disclosure Rules Written, Florida group wants to end caps on campaign donations, and more…

Citizens United Anniversary: Cato Institute event 
By Joe Trotter
Yesterday, the Cato Institute held the event ”Campaign Finance after Citizens United: What Happened? What Now.”  Featuring CCP Chairman Brad Smith and Academic Advisor John Samples, the event looked at how campaigns and elections changed since the decision and looked at the future of campaign finance.  

Candidates, Politicians and Parties

Washington Post: Lawmakers’ new target audience: Reddit 
By Natalie Jennings
McGovern’s staff posted a link to the video below on the social networking site of him introducing legislation to overturn Citizens United, the 2010 Supreme Court decision that allowed corporations to make unlimited political donations. Within a few hours, the post accumulated more than 3,000 “up-votes,” pushing it to the top spot on the site. 
NY Times: A Gridlocked Senate Agrees to Some Limits on Filibusters 
WASHINGTON — Senate Democratic and Republican leaders agreed to new limits on the filibuster on Thursday, an effort to speed action in the often-clogged chamber by reducing how often senators could use a common tactic to slow the legislative process. 
CNN: Hillary Clinton’s campaign debt finally paid off
By Robert Yoon
Washington (CNN) – More than four years after suspending her 2008 presidential bid, now-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has finally paid off her campaign debt.  

Lobbying and Ethics

CPI: Fiscal cliff, elections boost spending on lobbying 
By Dave Levinthal
Congress’ fiscal cliff fiasco, a flurry of lame duck legislation and election-season politics drove some of the nation’s most powerful lobbying forces to double down on their governmental influence efforts late last year, newly filed reports show. 
Boston Globe: Representative Michael Capuano named to House Ethics Committee 
By David Uberti
WASHINGTON – Bay State Representative Mike Capuano was named to the House Ethics Committee today, according to a press release from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s office.  
Roll Call: Ethics Panel Requires Added Disclosure of Funds, Accounts  
By Amanda Becker
The House Ethics Committee on Wednesday said members and senior staffers must disclose the underlying assets in certain investment funds and accounts, regardless of whether the person has any role in selecting the investments. 
State and Local
California –– Milpitas Post: Fine for political contributions in Milpitas  
By Ian Bauer
“I didn’t know there was a limit of $3,900 unfortunately,” he said. “I’m surprised. How does any individual know about such laws?” 
Connecticut –– CT Mirror: Smoke shop owner pleads guilty in campaign finance case 
By Mark Paznoikas
Donovan’s former campaign manager and treasurer are charged in connection with what federal authorities say was an attempt to trade $27,500 in campaign donations in return for blocking legislation that would have imposed fees on Rogers’ roll-your-own tobacco business.  
Florida –– Washington Post: Florida group wants to end caps on campaign donations 
By TW Farnam
A Florida good-government group is pushing a novel plan to fix a state political system overrun with untraceable money. It wants to remove a $500 cap on checks to campaigns and allow donors to contribute as much as they like.  
Iowa –– Sioux City Journal: Iowa ethics board seeks complaint process change 
By Rod Boshart
DES MOINES | The executive director of Iowa’s Ethics and Campaign Finance Disclosure Board on Wednesday proposed a change to streamline the agency’s complaint process. Citizen activists questioned whether result would be less public input and disclosure than the current arrangement provides.  
New York –– City and State: NYC Council Amends Campaign Finance Disclosure Rules Written 
By Nick Powell
As part of a long meeting yesterday, the New York City Council voted overwhelmingly, 47-1, to pass Int. 978, a bill that would exempt member organizations and corporations from disclosing member-to-member communications in relation to candidates or issues that they support during an election year. The passage is a victory for unions, corporations, and other membership organizations, who were previously allowed such communications with their members or shareholders before the Campaign Finance Board (CFB) promulgated changes to the city Charter in 2010.  

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