Daily Media Links 1/29: Committee hears bill to overhaul campaign finance rules, California can shine a light on national ‘dark money’ in campaigns, and more…

Independent Groups
Washington Post: Obama’s cashier’s window? 
Why, then, is he opening a cashier’s window with his name on it for the same special interests? The president and his team may be wizards at social media and grass-roots organizing, but from an influence-peddling standpoint this organization looks to be fraught with hazard.  
The Hill: Clinton backers launch ‘Ready for Hillary’ super-PAC in hopes of 2016 campaign  
By Cameron Joseph
A group of Hillary Clinton supporters is launching a campaign to draft her to run for president — the first major push from an outside group for her to run.   
CPI: Nonprofit spends big on politics despite IRS limitation 
By Michael Beckel
Last fall, a cadre of wealthy business executives and conservative groups tried to sell California voters on new campaign finance reforms.  

Candidates, Politicians and Parties

Politico: Democrats, tea party unite vs. Mitch McConnell 
By Manu Raju
Tea party activists looking to oust Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in a GOP primary may get some help from an unlikely source: Democrats.   
The Hill: Opinion: With State of the Union speech, Obama will take case to the people 
By Juan Williams   
In this year’s State of the Union, scheduled for February 12, the President opens a prime-time window of about 100 days to make significant headway on his second term agenda. At most the President has a year and a half before mid-term elections reduce him to a lame duck with no clout over a Congress defined by first-term GOP efforts to block his agenda.
State and Local
California –– Oakland Tribune: California can shine a light on national ‘dark money’ in campaigns  
By Daniel G. Newman
The disastrous Citizens United Supreme Court decision three years ago unleashed a flood of political money unprecedented in U.S. history. Organizations can now raise and spend unlimited amounts of money to influence elections, without disclosing where that money came from. These “dark money” groups spent hundreds of millions of dollars nationally to influence November’s elections. 
Massachusetts –– Lowell Sun: Murray: ‘I’m responsible’ for any campaign-finance violations  
By Chris Camire
WINCHENDON — Lt. Gov. Tim Murray vowed Friday to take responsibility for any campaign finance law violations he may have committed by accepting contributions raised by disgraced former Chelsea Housing Authority director Michael McLaughlin.    
Nebraska –– Omaha World-Herald: Committee hears bill to overhaul campaign finance rules 
By Martha Stoddard
Legislative Bill 79 would lower the threshold for reporting campaign donations and spending to $100, down from $250.  

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