New IRS List Harms Tax-Exempt Groups

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – Center for Competitive Politics President David Keating today sent a letter to Acting IRS Commissioner Steven T. Miller saying “We are shocked that the IRS released a list of tax-exempt groups that, though ultimately granted exemption, were referred to centralized review. Publication of such lists should immediately stop, and an apology should be sent to all the groups on this list.”

In the letter, Keating notes that “Listing these organizations in such a manner indicates to the public, the media, supporters, and potential supporters that the organizations were deemed suspicious by the IRS. While the organizations were ultimately granted exemption letters, it is well known that the IRS frequently flags such organizations for later review.”

The letter concludes, “We have no quarrel with the IRS listing organizations that have received exemption letters on a regular basis. However, these lists should not be segregated by whether the organization went through centralized review. If the IRS continues to publish lists of groups that have gone through the centralized review process, it will make it more difficult for these groups to work effectively on their mission.  The IRS needs to act more carefully in this sensitive area in order to avoid further harm to organizations that are working to improve our nation.”

A copy the letter can be found here. Should you wish to interview David, contact CCP Communications Director Sarah Lee at 770.598.7961.


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