In the News: Syracuse Post Standard: Campaign lawn sign restrictions in town of Manlius face new legal challenge

Elizaveth Doran writes for the Post Standard about the Center’s recent lawsuit agains the Town of Manlius:

Rubin said in 2008 town officials came to his house and told his wife the three signs on their lawn backing political candidates had to be removed because they violated the time restrictions. Political lawn signs can’t be placed until 30 days before an election in the town of Manlius.

The complaint, filed Tuesday in the court’s Northern District, names Manlius Supervisor Ed Theobald and other Manlius town officials, including board members and code enforcement officers.The lawsuit asks that the town stop enforcing the statute, and pay any related court costs resulting from the suit.

Theobald, said he was “very surprised” to hear about the lawsuit Tuesday. “We will certainly look at the law and review it,” he said. He said other municipalities have similar laws.

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