In the News: Daily Orange: Former dean helps repeal ordinance preventing political free speech

By Charlie Mastoloni

Rubin said he remembered when the ordinance first came to his attention about five years ago.

“We had some typical lawn signs up and one day I came back from Newhouse and the signs were gone. I asked my wife what happened and she said a code enforcer from the town of Manlius came to her and said the signs had to come down,” he said. “I said to her, ‘I think this is unconstitutional.’”

Rubin said he didn’t take any action immediately, but after the issue came up again outside Manlius, he addressed the issue through his column in The Post-Standard.

He said a group called the Center for Competitive Politics in Virginia read his article and offered to represent him for free and take the town of Manlius to court about the ordinance.

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The Center for Competitive Politics is now the Institute for Free Speech.