In the News: Acton Institute: SEC Deals Blow to ICCR Agenda


The Center for Competitive Politics, a Washington-based group, also commended Ms. White for avoiding SEC mission creep that would further a decidedly liberal agenda. In a press release issued Dec. 2, CEP quoted former Federal Election Chairman Bradley A. Smith:

We applaud the SEC for refusing to allow itself to be dragged into regulating political speech in pursuit of a partisan agenda…. The SEC can now return its focus to protecting investors and regulating capital markets, and leave campaign finance law to the FEC and the Congress.

Note that the WSJ and CCP identify the legitimate role of the SEC as protecting investors rather than forcing companies to disclose donations to nonprofits and campaigns. This is something Ms. Berry, ICCR and Mr. Freed should keep in mind before mounting yet another attack on the First Amendment.

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The Center for Competitive Politics is now the Institute for Free Speech.