Journal Sentinel: Judge hears arguments in campaign coordination case (In the News)

By Bruce Vielmetti 
A federal judge on Thursday heard arguments about whether he should dismiss a lawsuit that contends Wisconsin campaign finance laws — as interpreted by state election officials and a prosecutor — infringe on free speech rights.
The issue is whether its legal for outside groups to coordinate with political candidates and their campaigns to influence elections.
Such activity had been the focus of a secret John Doe investigation, known as John Doe II, led be a group of district attorneys and a former federal prosecutor. It had been examining the relationships between Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign and Wisconsin Club for Growth and other conservative groups, bull legal challenges by the groups put the brakes on the probe earlier this year
Similarly, others have filed briefs bolstering CRGA’s arguments. Arguing on their side are former Federal Election Commission chairman Bradley Smith, the Center for Competitive Politics and Wisconsin Family Action.

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The Center for Competitive Politics is now the Institute for Free Speech.