Wilmington News Journal: Free speech wins, campaign ‘reform’ loses (In the News)

Scott Blackburn and Luke Wachob

Such disclosure rules have captured the worst of both worlds. They restrict the speech of small groups that want to promote their message, and they have no chance whatsoever of regulating the “big fish” in politics – both because well-heeled organizations can afford to hire expert attorneys to navigate the complex rules, and because relevant information about significant donors is swamped by the needless reporting of every $10 a month contributor.

The Center for Competitive Politics is fighting this Delaware law, and laws like it around the country, for exactly this reason. Legislators and self-styled “reformers” have spent decades putting in place rules and regulations that just don’t work. And in their zeal, they have enacted laws that harmed the very democratic institutions they were hoping to protect.

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The Center for Competitive Politics is now the Institute for Free Speech.