Washington Examiner: Supreme Court, California A.G. should butt out (In the News)

Editorial Board

Philanthropists have any number of reasons to remain anonymous. Perhaps they do not want their generosity rewarded with a barrage of endless solicitations from other groups. Perhaps they do not want their neighbors to know they have a lot of money. Or perhaps their motives are more spiritual; as Jesus put it in the Gospel, they would rather give in secret, and be rewarded by their Father in Heaven who sees in secret.

Whatever their motivations, donors to charities that educate the public and help the poor are society’s benefactors. California has a legitimate interest in keeping charities honest, but not in subjecting their donors to the intrusion.

We hope the Supreme Court takes this case and grants the injunction that the plaintiffs are seeking. Even better, we hope that Harris will see the folly of this scheme and withdraw her demands.

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