ABC 4: Suit claims Utah law violates free speech (In the News)

Randall Carlisle

Allen Dickerson says simply “Utah has passed a law that clearly violates the first amendment.”

He says the Supreme Court has ruled on “the right to privacy of association and belief and may not simply pry into the inner workings of a non-profit corporation.”

Here’s where the law of unintended consequences takes hold.  If this law would have been in place when the LDS Church financially supported the Prop 8, gay marriage issue in California, the church could have been forced to list all of its donors around the world.  That’s according to Conner Boyack, President of the Utah based Libertas Institute, one of the groups involved in the federal lawsuit.

Another example might be the Catholic Church financially entering the debate over capital punishment.  If the church spent over $750, the Utah law could force it to list donors worldwide.

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The Center for Competitive Politics is now the Institute for Free Speech.