Washington Free Beacon: Free Speech Groups Hail First Amendment Wins in Congressional Deal (In the News)

Lachlan Markay

David Keating, president of the Center for Competitive Politics, joked that the provision could be dubbed “the Lois Lerner Memorial Act of 2015.”

“I think the investigators were really frustrated that they didn’t get [Lerner’s] emails,” Keating said in an interview. “It also raises security issues. The tax laws have a lot of provisions guaranteeing privacy and confidentiality of tax information. If IRS employees are using their Hotmail accounts or something, that’s not exactly secure.”

Additionally, the omnibus would also bar forced political spending disclosure efforts by way of executive or administrative action…

 “Such an order would be bad for free speech and bad for taxpayers,” Keating said of the regulations. “It would allow an administration to readily compile a friends and enemies list, which is bad government policy.

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The Center for Competitive Politics is now the Institute for Free Speech.