Washington Times: An alternative to nonstop political fundraising (In the News)

Eric Wang

If Mr. Jolly is correct that members spend too much time fundraising because of the campaign finance laws, it is not for the reason he thinks. When the federal contribution limits were originally enacted in 1974, an individual could give $1,000 per election to a candidate, and a PAC could give $5,000 per election to a candidate and $15,000 per year to a party committee. Had those limits been properly adjusted for inflation, those limits today would be $4,814, $24,070 and $72,211, respectively. But under current law, those limits are just $2,700, $5,000 and $15,000, respectively. Under these effectively lower per-donor limits, candidates spend more time chasing after a greater number of contributors for their own campaigns and their party committees.

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