Bozeman Daily Chronicle: Conservative anti-regulation activist says Montana AG “can relax” (In the News)

Troy Carter

David Keating, president of the anti-campaign finance regulation Center for Competitive Politics in Alexandria, Virginia, wrote the Chronicle to say:

“I wanted to be sure you knew that no limits on parties is close to the norm in the states.  By our count (not including Montana) 23 states have no limits on how much parties can support their candidates.  Two more states have limits in the millions for statewide races.”

The comment comes in response to a Chronicle report on Montana’s Attorney General Tim Fox’s request to a federal judge last week for a partial stay on the judge’s own ruling that Montana’s 1994 campaign contribution caps are unconstitutional.

“So AG Fox can relax,” Keating said. “In America, parties are usually allowed to support their candidates. Montana campaigns will freer if the ruling is allowed to stand.”

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The Center for Competitive Politics is now the Institute for Free Speech.