LifeZette: Trump Donors Targeted on Twitter (In the News)

LifeZette: Trump Donors Targeted on Twitter

By Jim Stinson

Every hour, a computer program, or “bot,” tweets out the name, job, and address of a donor to President-Elect Donald Trump’s campaign.

The apparent goal is sunshine – a more sinister objective may be intimidation. In either case, the account is taking advantage of disclosure laws, and using them to name and shame people…

According to Brad Smith, a former Federal Election Commission member and a Capital University law professor, 49 states and the federal government require some disclosure of campaign contributions and spending…

Smith said disclosure laws “neither provide the public with good information, nor solve the alleged problems of ‘secret money.'”

“Further, they will come at a price in political freedom and safety from government and private retaliation,” Smith wrote. “Precedents protecting civil liberties, established over a half century of painstaking litigation, could be brushed aside in the sudden hysteria for ‘full disclosure.'”

The Center for Competitive Politics is now the Institute for Free Speech.