Charleston Gazette-Mail: WV Senate Judiciary Committee eyes raising campaign funding limits (In the News)

Charleston Gazette-Mail: WV Senate Judiciary Committee eyes raising campaign funding limits

By Jake Zuckerman

The committee reviewed Senate Bill 539, a lengthy measure that revises election finance laws down to the smallest nuts and bolts.

Counsel for the committee, Jennifer Greenlief, said the main things the bill does include increasing campaign contribution limits, increasing use of campaign funds and increasing allowances of individual expenditures…

The bill also raises the dollar amount that triggers donors’ disclosure of affiliations…

The committee heard testimony from several speakers. Speaking in favor of the bill, Deputy Secretary of State Steve Connolly said he and his department support the bill, saying it gives candidates more control over their campaigns and decreases their reliance on nondisclosed, outside money.

Also pushing the bill, Allen Dickerson, legal director of the Center for Competitive Politics, a Virginia group that advocates for the deregulation of campaign finance law, said the measure would bring the state up to federal guidelines.

During his testimony, he said he was invited by state Senate Majority Leader Ryan Ferns, R-Ohio, when asked.

The Center for Competitive Politics is now the Institute for Free Speech.