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D.C. Taxpayers Would Have a “Greater Voice” if They Could Choose Whether to Contribute to Local Politicians

On Tuesday, the D.C. City Council voted unanimously in favor of a tax-financing program for city campaigns. Dubbed the “Fair Elections Act of 2018,” the bill would provide tax dollars to candidates running for Mayor, City Council, Attorney General, and the State Board of Education if they agree to limit their spending and reach the […]

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Are Tax-Financed Campaigns Worth the Price?

A recently published study examines taxpayer-financed campaign systems in different locales; specifically, programs that provide matching public funds to municipal candidates in New York City and Los Angeles. The study’s authors are Michael J. Malbin of the Campaign Finance Institute and University at Albany, SUNY, and Michael Parrott of Columbia University. Although the authors acknowledge […]

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Giving Taxpayer Dollars to Local D.C. Politicians is a Bad Idea

Last week, D.C. Councilmember and Chair Pro Tempore Kenyan McDuffie took to the pages of The Washington Post to advocate for taxpayer funding for local political campaigns. Under this system, candidates for Council (and a handful of additional races) who agree to only accept small-dollar contributions and completely forgo donations from PACs would receive $5 […]

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Oregon H.B. 2578; Taxpayer-Financed Campaigns – A Failed and Costly Policy

The Honorable Jennifer Williamson The Honorable Mike McLane The Honorable Dan Rayfield Re:  H.B. 2578; Taxpayer-Financed Campaigns – A Failed and Costly Policy Dear Chair Williamson, Vice-Chair McLane, Vice-Chair Rayfield, and Members of the House Rules Committee: On behalf of the Center for Competitive Politics (the “Center”),[1] I respectfully submit the following comments concerning myriad […]

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“Clean Elections” May Provide Taxpayer Funding for Anti-Semitism

Does using taxpayers’ hard-earned money to fund speech they fundamentally disagree with reduce corruption in government? This may seem like a preposterous question, but according to supporters of tax-financed campaigns, the answer is yes. Presently, one candidate in New York City is providing a clear example of what exactly can go wrong when you start […]

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Steyer’s Plan to Challenge Trump is Healthy for Free Speech Environment

In response to Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton on Election Day, environmental activist and Democratic donor Tom Steyer has promised to continue to spend his vast wealth to combat the President-elect’s energy agenda, which he predicts will threaten his own environmental protection agenda. According to an interview with Reuters, Steyer is willing to spend […]

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Should Candidates Have Control Over Who Can Speak About Elections?

Unsuccessful candidates often blame their loss on an opponent’s spending. Sometimes those complaints are lodged at better-funded candidates, sometimes at the media, and other times at independent groups. So it is with Zephyr Teachout, whose main takeaway from the 2016 election, apparently, is that people talked about it too much. After losing to Republican John […]

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Maine Activists Embrace Taxpayer Subsidies for Politicians in Ignorance of Systemic Flaws

In Maine, some speech regulatory activists are already celebrating the 2016 election cycle as an important milestone. Not because they are expecting higher voter turnout, more competitive races, or more women or minority candidates running for office. Rather, these activists are giddy that more politicians are taking the hard-earned dollars of Maine taxpayers to run […]

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Democratic AGs Double Down on Criminalizing Opposing Views

Last week, Senators Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) penned an op-ed in The Washington Post about the investigations of ExxonMobil by several state attorneys general. The Senators lauded efforts to accuse the oil company of fraud for allegedly advancing skepticism about the impacts of its products on climate change. Despite downplaying these moves […]

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Cuomo hit on anti-speech “BDS” policy

Alexandria, VA – This morning, Center for Competitive Politics (CCP) Chairman Bradley A. Smith and President David Keating sent a letter to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo urging him to modify or rescind his Executive Order opposing the “BDS” campaign against Israel. The Order infringes on First Amendment speech rights. Here are excerpts from the letter: […]

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