Congratulations Chip Mellor, 2012 Bradley Prize Winner

April 19, 2012   •  By Brad Smith
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CCP congratulates William H. “Chip” Mellor, President of the Institute for Justice, on being named a recipient of the 2013 Bradley Prize from the Bradley Foundation of Milwaukee.

Chip’s selection is a tribute not only to Chip, but to all the donors and staff that have made the Institute so successful in defending freedom in the Courts. In announcing the award, Bradley Foundation President Michael Grebe stated:

“Chip Mellor has led the fight for freedom in America’s courts by challenging laws that stifle constitutional rights. Thanks to Chip, the Institute for Justice has become an influential public-interest law firm securing major victories for economic liberty, property rights, school choice, and the First Amendment.”

We here at CCP owe a special debt to Chip and IJ because Chip graciously sublet space, at a ridiculously low rent, to help CCP get off the ground in 2006 and early 2007, before we moved into our own digs in Alexandria. Chip has also provided us with counsel and advice over the years, and IJ and CCP worked together as co-counsel in v. FEC, one of the most important victories for free speech in the realm of political campaigns in the last 35 years.

The prize will be awarded in a ceremony at the Kennedy Center on June 7. An excellent selection by the Foundation, and a heartfelt congratulations to Chip.

Brad Smith

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