FEC Adopts E&J for Bundling Rules: Ho-Hum

February 4, 2009   •  By Brad Smith
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Yesterday (Feb. 3) the FEC adopted the Explanation & Justification (E&J) for the bundling rules originally adopted in December.  That means that the E&J will be published in the federal register and the rules will take effect.  Both the rules and the E&J adopted yesterday can be found here

This was a ho-hum event – the rules published in December were pretty clear, and the E&J gives the fairly obvious reasons for their adoption.  The "reform" community was predicatably upset.  Their objections are the same ones they raised when the rules themselves were adopted in December, and their objections make no more sense now than they did then.  Naturally, at least some reformers felt the need to conclude their analysis with the usual slander against all who disagree with them, accusing their opponents of disregard for a law which, apparently, only the high priests of the "reform" community are capable of correctly deciphering, and for which, strangely, appointment to the FEC immediately leads to the loss of those magical power of proper interpretation.

My earlier comment on the reformers’ objections is here.  There was nothing new in yesterday’s events.  These are sound, logical rules for enforcing a rather illogial law.

Brad Smith

Brad Smith