Wall Stree Journal Praises “Yes on Term Limits v. Savage:” CCP Served as Co-Counsel

December 26, 2008   •  By IFS staff
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The Wall Street Journal today praises the 10th Circuit’s opinion in Yes on Term Limits v. Savage, striking down as unconstitutional an Oklahoma law limiting the political speech and association rights of non-resident petitioners, and urging Attorney General Drew Edmondson to drop his plans to appeal.  The case struck down an Oklahoma law that placed burdens on the rights of Oklahoma citizens to petition government for redress of grievances by limiting their ability to hire out of state workers to assist them in their efforts.  Such laws, in addition to damaging rights of speech and association, tend to lock in the status quo by making it harder for dissidents to gather the resources to seek change.

As the Journal notes, "Public officials claim residency laws are necessary to police the petition process, but these laws only serve to discourage its use." 

CCP, through Vice President Steve Hoersting, was proud to serve as co-counsel for the victorious appellants-plaintiffs in the case.  Read our Press Release here and the full opinion here.

IFS staff

IFS staff