Daily Media Links 10/4: Obama Outspending Romney on TV Ads, Strengthening the political party system, and more…

October 4, 2012   •  By Joe Trotter   •  
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Portland Press Herald: Court refuses to hear appeal by anti-gay-marriage group in Maine case
By Kevin Miller
Smith said concerns about loss of privacy when someone’s political contributions — and their address and employer — are disclosed are legitimate. He said political donors have been harassed in the past.  
“Is it really so far-fetched when you see how nasty politics have gotten?” he asked.  
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Federal Judge Asks for Clarification of Colorado Campaign Finance Laws 
By Sarah Lee
ALEXANDRIA, Va. – A federal judge today issued an order seeking clarification by the Colorado Supreme Court of the state’s campaign finance laws. Senior Judge John L. Kane of the United States Court for the District of Colorado asked the state Supreme Court to “provide clear guidance… as to the scope and meaning” of provisions that have been challenged under the First Amendment to the US Constitution  
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Independent groups

Washington Free Beacon: A Question of Coordination:  Obama campaign official: ‘We do work with some of the (c)(3)s’ 
By Andrew Stiles
Courtney Wheeler, the Obama campaign’s national voter protection coordinator, fielded a question from an attorney on the Sept. 18 call about certain tax-exempt organizations—groups organized under section 501(c)(3) of the tax code—that may be violating the law by engaging in overtly political activity.  
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Syracuse Post Standard: In election season, lawn signs stand for free speech and shouldn’t be outlawed 
By David Rubin
A town can regulate lawn signs only if there is a “substantial” state interest. If my lawn sign were 50 feet tall and blocked a stop sign or the view of drivers, that would surely be a substantial state interest. If the sign had strobe lights on it that bothered the neighbors and drivers, that would be a substantial state interest. But in this case, the state interest is beautification. Political lawn signs, they believe, are an eyesore in a leafy suburb. 


MPR: Campaign board clears Minnesota for Marriage in donor complaint  
By Catharine Richert
The case goes back to last February, when Common Cause-Minnesota asked the state Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board to investigate whether Minnesota for Marriage had listed all its donors on its 2011 finance report.  

Candidates and parties

Huffington Post: Obama Victory Fund’s Online Ads Push Campaign Finance Law 
By Paul Blumenthal
WASHINGTON — Some people catching up with their favorite television shows on Hulu, especially people living in swing states and zip codes heavy with the right demographic groups, may have seen ads urging President Barack Obama’s reelection. They likely don’t realize they’ve also seen the latest innovation in campaign spending.  

Campaigns and Elections: Strengthening the political party system 
By Jeff Brindle
Nasty campaign attack ads like a recent super PAC commercial that cynically implied Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney bears responsibility for a woman’s cancer death make three things clear.  

NY Times: Obama Outspending Romney on TV Ads 
DENVER — For every five commercials Mitt Romney and his allies ran here in this vital swing state in the last two weeks of September, President Obama and Democrats ran seven, accusing Mr. Romney of having a “tough luck” attitude toward the middle class and asserting that Mr. Obama has brought the economy back from the brink. 

Joe Trotter


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