Daily Media Links 5/2: Shock-and-awe fundraising in Wisconsin recall, GOP money floods battlegrounds, threatens Dems’ hold on Senate, and more…

May 2, 2012   •  By Joe Trotter   •  
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Independent groups

MSNBC: Romney Super PAC going up with first general-election ads 
By Domenico Montanaro
The pro-Mitt Romney Super PAC Restore Our Future is going up with $3.7 million in ads across nine swing states — Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, North Carolina, Nevada, Ohio, Virginia, and New Hampshire. 

Politico: Mitt super PAC spending nearly $4M on ads 
By Alexander Burns
A GOP media-tracking source tells me that the buy is approaching the $4 million mark – it’s up to $3.9 million – and now covers a total of nine presidential battlegrounds.

USA Today: Handful of rich donors fueling super PAC money 
By Fredreka Schouten and Gregory Korte
In all, $27.6 million has flowed from Nevada to super PACs to influence presidential and congressional contests — nearly 12 times the total contributed by Nevadans who have given to presidential candidates so far in this election. 


Politico: Anti-Obama group pushes to shield donors
By Kenneth Vogel
In a move designed to shield the identities of anonymous donors and possibly set the stage for a court fight over disclosure, one of the deepest-pocketed Republican outside groups is unveiling eight proposed ads attacking President Barack Obama and defending Mitt Romney — including an ad that touts “Romneycare.”   

LA Times: Conservative group seeks FEC approval to keep donors secret 
By Matea Gold
A conservative group that plans to run a barrage of television ads attacking President Obama has asked the Federal Election Commission if it can avoid disclosing its donors by not naming him explicitly in its commercials.

Candidates and parties

The Hill: GOP lawmaker says Obama trip to Afghanistan is campaign-related 
By Jonathan Easley
Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.), a member of the Senate’s Armed Forces Committee, criticized President Obama’s surprise visit to Afghanistan on Tuesday as “clearly” campaign-related.

Politico: Top ’08 GOP donor areas shut wallets 
By Zachary Abrahamson
Some of the most affluent communities across the country aren’t donating as generously to Republican presidential candidates as they did four years ago, a function of the recession — which struck between election cycles — and a primary schedule that pushed back the dates of several key donor states.   

The Hill: GOP money floods battlegrounds, threatens Dems’ hold on Senate 
By Alexander Bolton
Third-party groups allied with the Republican Party have vastly outspent Democratic incumbents and their backers in Senate battlegrounds.   


Massachusetts –– AP: Political contributions in Mass. US Senate race top $30M; costliest contest in nation 
BOSTON — The U.S. Senate race in Massachusetts is not only one of the most closely watched in the nation, it’s also turning out to be the most expensive.  

Wisconsin –– Politico: Shock-and-awe fundraising in Wisconsin recall
By Charles Mahtesian
Wisconsin GOP Gov. Scott Walker, the target of a recall bid, has managed to do that by raising a staggering $13.2 million over a three-month period.  

Joe Trotter

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