The Hill: Money doesn’t buy elections and elections aren’t rigged. Period. (In the News)

The Hill: Money doesn’t buy elections and elections aren’t rigged. Period.

By Alex Baiocco

The truth is, academic research demonstrates that existing campaign finance regulations do nothing to reduce perceptions of corruption or increase trust in government. More speech restrictions will equal more of the same.

Nor is there evidence that money “buys” electoral outcomes…

In other words, advocates of further regulating political speech are making demonstrably false claims that call into question the legitimacy of electoral outcomes.

When Donald Trump first claimed that the election was “rigged” as a candidate, critics were quick to suggest that making such a claim was a threat to democracy. Why? Because it called into question the legitimacy of our election results.

As president, Trump has continued to make similar claims…

Trump’s critics are right to call him out for making such serious allegations without providing any legitimate evidence. But the evidence that money buys elections is just as lacking as the evidence of voter fraud in New Hampshire. Those same critics who call out Trump should also criticize the “reform” lobby with equal fervor.

The Center for Competitive Politics is now the Institute for Free Speech.