Doxing Trump Donors Is Just the Beginning

August 14, 2019   •  By Brad Smith   •  , ,

Even as disclosure laws have grown more expansive, technology has made them easier to abuse.

Misnamed ‘Honest Ads Act’ would restrict free speech

June 17, 2019   •  By Brad Smith   •  ,

America’s response to foreign interference must respect constitutional rights.

Mark Zuckerberg wants government to control speech on Facebook

June 10, 2019   •  By Scott Blackburn   •  ,

Handing over the reins to government will destroy free expression on Facebook.

Democrats Are Looking To Make The FEC A Lot More Partisan

May 24, 2019   •  By Eric Wang   •  ,

The FEC’s bipartisan and deliberative structure is critical for an agency that regulates sensitive core First Amendment-protected activities.

Government Surveillance Of Political Activists Is Scary, Illegal, And Common

May 13, 2019   •  By Luke Wachob   •  ,

In an increasingly connected world, the risk of surveillance stifling speech is higher than ever. Protecting First Amendment rights in the 21st century calls for ...

No: Government shouldn’t dictate views we’re allowed to hear

May 9, 2019   •  By Brad Smith   •  , ,

Can the government ban political speech based on the identity of the speaker, or the mechanism that the speaker uses to communicate to fellow ...

Hate campaign spending? Gillibrand’s ‘democracy dollars’ would put it on steroids

May 6, 2019   •  By Luke Wachob   •  ,

Giving the equivalent of government-funded steroids to campaigns will not create a level playing field. It will just make elections more costly, more ad-driven, ...

Facebook’s struggle to define political speech is nothing new

May 3, 2019   •  By Brad Smith   •  ,

The question of what should be regulated as "political" speech may be new to Facebook, but it has vexed campaign finance reformers for decades.

Democrats’ McCarthyist ‘For the People Act’

April 15, 2019   •  By Brad Smith   •  ,

We have never accepted that the government — or our neighbors — have a broad right to know about our political activities.

From Rick Santorum to Beto O’Rourke, Federal Regulation Arbitrarily Criminalizes Candidates

April 2, 2019   •  By Eric Wang   •  ,

Running for office and making speeches before one runs for office are core First Amendment rights. The FEC’s “testing the waters” rule unconstitutionally burdens ...

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