Stunning Findings on Campaign-Finance Law

November 23, 2020   •  By Zac Morgan   •  , , ,

Well, you’d be wrong, as we’re reminded by David M. Primo and Jeffrey D. Milyo’s latest work, Campaign Finance and American Democracy: What the Public ...

Without Citizens United, that new Borat movie would be illegal

November 2, 2020   •  By Eric Wang   •  , , ,

Fans of the new Borat sequel should thank the Supreme Court’s much-maligned and misunderstood Citizens United decision. Without that ruling, America would resemble the autocratic regime in Borat’s ...

Supreme Court Case Could Rewrite the Book on Free-Speech Lawsuits

October 22, 2020   •  By Zac Morgan   •  , ,

Should the government be held to account when it violates a person’s First Amendment rights, or should it be allowed to manipulate the legal system to avoid ...

Campaign law blackouts limit political speech when public debate is needed the most

October 21, 2020   •  By Luke Wachob   •  ,

“Electioneering communications” laws forget that government doesn’t shut down when campaign season kicks in. This year’s nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett is proof.

New ad disclaimers silence activists

September 16, 2020   •  By Tiffany Donnelly   •  , , , ,

This piece originally appeared in the The Hill on September 16, 2020.   Can the government put words in your mouth? The Constitution says no, ...

Cancel culture and speech regulation make a toxic mix

September 15, 2020   •  By David Keating   •  , , , ,

This piece originally appeared in the Washington Examiner on September 15, 2020.   What do Steven Pinker, David Frum, Margaret Atwood, and Noam Chomsky have ...

The 2020 election could see record lows for ‘dark money’ influence

September 2, 2020   •  By Brad Smith   •  , ,

Dark money could be trending toward a record low this election cycle.

Political Giving Should Be Private

August 26, 2020   •  By Brad Smith   •  , ,

This piece originally appeared in the Wall Street Journal on August 26, 2020.   A third of Americans fear being fired for their political beliefs. ...

Restrictions on ballot slogans violate free speech

This piece originally appeared in the The Star-Ledger on July 30, 2020.   If you voted in the primary, you probably noticed a short slogan ...

2020 shows money can’t buy elections, so let’s remove restrictive contribution limits

July 14, 2020   •  By Nathan Maxwell   •  , , ,

This piece originally appeared in the Washington Examiner on July 13, 2020.   We should have learned our lesson by now. In elections, it’s not ...

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