Comments of CCP Vice President of Policy Allison Hayward on California FPPC Regulation

July 16, 2010   •  By Allison Hayward   •    •  ,

The Center for Competitive Politics submitted comments with the Fair Political Practices Commission explaining that the Commission’s interpretation of recent campaign finance court rulings is “fundamentally flawed.”

The FPPC solicited comments about the Commission’s interpretation of campaign finance law, specifically the definition of “express advocacy,” in advance of a Monday hearing.


“[T]he FPPC would be abandoning a standard that is familiar, clear, and capable of withstanding legal challenges,” Hayward wrote. “It would be turning its back on the 2003 decision in California Pro-Life Council v. Getman. “We know of no change in circumstances that would counsel (or even permit) the FPPC to adopt a different standard, or would justify the disruption and uncertainty that inevitably arises from a change to such a fundamental building block of the state’s campaign finance regime.”

Allison Hayward

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