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Issue Advocacy: A Cornerstone of Democracy

January 1, 2018  •  By IFS Staff  •    •  

The First Amendment protects speech from burdensome government regulation. Until the 1970s, federal law largely did not regulate either campaign speech or issue speech by advocacy groups. That changed with the adoption of the Federal Election Campaign Act. The Act attempted to regulate any speech “relative to a clearly identified candidate.” This law, and the subsequent Supreme Court decision Buckley…

D.C. Circuit Should Hear First Amendment Challenge to FOSTA

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February 21, 2019   •  By IFS Staff   •  ,

A friend-of-the-court brief filed last night by the Institute for Free Speech (IFS) argued that a federal judge erred in slamming the door to ...

Amicus: Woodhull Freedom Foundation, et al. v. U.S., et al.

February 21, 2019   •  By Scott Blackburn   •  ,

The First Amendment provides for Article III standing in cases precisely like this one, where the constitutional “harm” is one “that can be realized ...

Written Testimony of Tyler Martinez on Constitutional and Practical Concerns with Idaho S. 1114

February 20, 2019   •  By Tyler Martinez   •  , , , ,

In particular, I would like to note several significant legal and practical concerns raised by S. 1114, which proposes sweeping amendments to Idaho’s campaign ...

President David Keating Testifies Before House Administration Committee on H.R. 1

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Alexandria, VA – Institute for Free Speech President David Keating will testify before the Committee on House Administration at a hearing today on H.R. 1, ...

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