New York Post: An Orwellian tale of ‘campaign finance reform’ (In the News)

New York Post: An Orwellian tale of ‘campaign finance reform’

By Thomas Wheatley

Investigators from the state Department of Justice called the “previously unknown and secret investigation into a broad range of Wisconsin Republicans” John Doe III. The scheme secretly collected hundreds of thousands of Republicans’ personal emails…

The scope of John Doe III was shocking – in fact, DOJ officials could not “discern any limit” to it. More egregiously, the sleazy scheme seemed motived by partisanship…

Americans are led to believe that more government regulation of election campaign speech is key to ensuring fairness. John Doe III says otherwise.

Law-abiding citizens were exercising their free-speech rights. But that was enough for Big Brother thugs to compile a secret dossier on all aspects of their lives.

A vague and complex campaign finance law enabled these abuses. Wisconsinites learned this lesson via an especially terrifying abuse of power and reformed their laws accordingly. Other states would do well to learn from them.

The Center for Competitive Politics is now the Institute for Free Speech.